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Families Transferred to Fort Randall in 1881

Here is a list of the 33 families (172 people) with Sitting Bull who were transferred from the Standing Rock Agency to Fort Randall as prisoners of war in September 1881. All of these families were almost certainly at the Little Big Horn and can be added to the LBH list.

Upon arrival at Fort Randall, it was determined that one of the families, Shoot the Bear's, should have been left at the agency and they were returned. A total of 167 people were turned over to military authorities.

Here are the families:

1. Sitting Bull's Family
2. White Dog's Family
3. Four Horns' Family
4. One Bull's Family
5. High Bull's Family
6. Fire Cloud's Family
7. Elk Horn's Family
8. Bone Tomahawk's Family
9. Broken Arrow's Family
10. Spotted Eagle's Family
11. Brave Thunder's Family
12. Black Bird's Family
13. Hairy Coat's Family
14. Shoot the Bear's Family [returned to Standing Rock Agency]
15. Scarlet Thunder's Family
16. Zume's Family
17. Took Their Gun's Family
18. Blue Cloud's Family
19. Yellow Dog's Family
20. Fought The Bear's Family
21. Brave Bear's wife and child
22. Hunted Alone's Family
23. The Deaf Woman's Family
24. Big Leg's Family
25. His Many Old Man's Family
26. The Bear That Looks Back Family
27. Scarlet Thunder's Family
28. Bad Head
29. Feeble White Cow
30. The Rider
31. Mosquito's Family
32. High in the Cloud's Family
33. Mrs. Crazy Dog

These families were returned to Standing Rock Agency in April 1883, totaling 152 people. — Ephriam Dickson

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