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Sioux Delegation of 1875

Here's interpreter Julius Meyer again; this time Spotted Tail is definitely present, along with Red Cloud, Swift Bear and the Oglala Sitting Bull, in a photo taken in Omaha in 1875 by Frank Currier.

This second picture is the more formal one for the occasion. Note the absence of Louis Bourdeaux and William Garnett and how much more prominent Meyer is in his beaded and fringed shirt! I guess he was on his home ground...

Sioux Delegation of 1875

— Grahame Wood

The two Frank F. Currier images were taken on May 13, 1875 in Omaha as the Oglala delegation was on its way to Washington D.C. We have a diary that describes the event. In Washington, there were at least two known photographs taken of the entire delegation, including Lakota headman from Red Cloud, Spotted Tail, Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Agencies outside the Patent Office. — Ephriam Dickson

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