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Sioux Delegation Photo of 1870

Living Bear/Liver Bear kneels on the left (not right as written on the photo)

Red Fox is twice listed as one of the leaders of the Oglala Oyuhpe band: first in an 1865 document naming headmen to be contacted by peace intermediaries. The other named Oyuhpes were Standing Bear, Single Crow, and Black Fox (identified as the brother-in-law of trader Joseph Bissonette - he was also the father of Kicking Bear). Possibly these men were wakicunze in 1865? In 1867 Indian Affairs Supt. H. Denman, with the help of trader G. P. Beauvais, prepared a list of Lakota bands and chiefs involved in the hostilities on the Bozeman Trail. For the Oyuhpes he again listed four leaders - Flying Feather [aka White Plume?], Red Dog, Red Fox, and Shaker. In 1870 we again have in the picture above Red Fox, dressed as a shirt wearer, with Red Dog on the first Oglala delegation to Washington. I can't trace a clear referenced to Red Fox after 1870 - perhaps he died, perhaps he went under another name.

Bear Skin - or fully Bearskin Robe (Mato-ha Shina) - was one of the Oglala signatories to the 1868 treaty. He is listed near the end of the document, which may mean he was one of the headmen who signed at the Upper Platte Agency (North Platte, Nebraska) about the 1st of June. He was rated a head soldier in 1875. He may be another of Joe Bissonette's in-laws. — Kingsley Bray

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