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Red Legs

Wahpekute Santee



Red Legs or Hushasha was the principal chief of the Wahpekute division of the Dakota from ca. 1850 through the Minnesota War of 1862. The family tradition is sound - he was the son of Tasagye (Cane, or His Cane), the principal Wahpekute chief from 1822 until 1841. Cane and his head-soldier (akicita, or camp policeman) were killed in an intratribal feud in 1841, as a result of which Inkpaduta and his supporters were driven from the camp. It's important to know that Inkpaduta was a kinsman of Cane - Inkpaduta's father Black Eagle and Cane seem to have been 'brothers' in the Dakota kinship scheme.

After Cane's death his son War Eagle that May Be Seen assumed the leadership of his tiyospaye of Wahpekute. After War Eagle that May Be Seen was killed by Sauk and Fox in July 1849, his brother Red Legs assumed leadership. Red Legs signed the Treaty of Mendota in 1851, settling below the Lower Sioux Agency on the new reservation. He reluctantly participated in the Minnesota War of 1862. I don't know about his post-war life. — Kingsley Bray

Red Legs family descendents are at Good Shepherd (near Little Eagle, SD) on Standing Rock. They are originally descended from those Dakota's who stayed with the Hunkpapa after the 1862 uprising. Most descendents are mostly Hunkpapa today. — Tokaouspa


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