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This image of Rain-In-The-Face has been attributed to the photographer, F. Jay Haynes, and it appears on page 198 of the book 'Following the Frontier' by Freeman Tilden. Although no date is given for the photograph, it was likely taken sometime after Rain surrendered at Fort Keogh in 1880, the same year that Haynes was known to have been photographing various sites in Montana territory. Interestingly, Haynes has also been credited as the photographer for the group shot from Standing Rock, in which Rain holds a copy of this earlier photographic portrait. — Glenbow

The picture here of the Lakota chiefs following their surrender (with Running Antelope, whom I'm assuming was there to smooth things over) shows Rain holding a copy of this photo:

By Frank J. Haynes, 1881

— Grahame Wood

Rain-in-The-face was the son of Bear Face,
his brother were Red Thunder, Iron Horn, Little Bear, Shave Head, and Bearís Face II.
I am a descendant of Red Thunder.
Red Thunder's son was Black Bear
Black Bears'son was Louis Dog
Louis Dog daughter was Agnes Dog
Agnes Dog's daughter was Alice West
Alice West's daughter is Valerie Lovejoy
Valeries' daughter is LaDonna Brave Bull (me)

Rain In the Face is buried at the Episcopal cemetery in Bullhead/Rock Creek, South Dakota. Another grave at St Bernard's mission has been mislabelled to be Rain in-The Face's Grave. It is really Crazy Walker. — LaDonna Brave Bull Allard

Rain's grave can no longer be located. A dam gave way, and the resulting flood waters washed many graves away. Many bodies (most?) were not found. Rain's grave was one of those washed away. — Tokaouspa

The next portrait we have is the one in the warbonnet by Huffman, 1880-1881?:

Here are three D.F. Barry photos:

Here's one that SIRIS dates 1886 - again by Barry:

The following publications contain information about Rain-in-the-Face:

Article: "War With the Sioux: Indian Fights and Fighters; Part 1 – The Yellowstone Expedition in 1873 and the Beginnining of Custer's Last Fight" by Cyrus Townsend BradyPearson's Magazine August 1904.

Article: "A Generation Northwest"Lead Daily Call Lead, South Dakota 23 September 1905Page 2.

Article: "Rain-in-the-Face, a Famous Indian: Thrilling Incidents in the Life of a Sioux Warrior Who Gained Fame During the Early Days on the Dakota Frontier" Argus-Leader Sioux Falls, South Dakota 26 September 1905 Page 4.

Article: "Who Killed General Custer? We Do Not Believe Rain-in-the-Face Fired the Fatal Shots and No Man Will Ever Know Who Did — Rain-in-the-Face Was a Skulking Deadman Mutilating Coward"Dakota Farmers' Leader Canton, South Dakota 29 September 1905Page 1.

Article: "Revenge of Rain-in-the-Face" by George Malsbary Undated Magazine Article.


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